PO meeting 2.4.2019

We had a meeting with our Project Owners on tuesday. We updated them on our progress and discussed a few related topics. We decided on a way that we are going to publish the app, via Google play. We might publish it in AppStore aswell, but that process is going to take some time because it takes a lot longer for an app to get published in AppStore.

We also agreed on a next meeting and what needs to be done by then. We got the historical facts that have been written by the Turku museum researchers and we’ll get the translations to Swedish and English next week.

All in all we are close to the finish line and have a very clear vision of what needs to be done next

We are also making a press release for the next meeting. Because the project is going to be given to the city of Turku, some intrested parties might attend the next meeting and take a look at the project aswell.


ICT-showroom 7.3

Last thursday we attended the ICT-showroom as a part of the Capstone project. The event went very well and we got a lot of positive feedback. Our presentation/desk consisted of our latest prototype and the marketing video we had prepared for the showroom.

We even managed to win the public voting in both categories and got some coffee mugs as a reward. Overall the event was very nice and it was nice to present our work to the public. Also we think our pitch to the jury was good and honestly I’m a bit suprised we didn’t win that category aswell. Below you can find a picture from the award ceremony.

Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: 16 henkilöä, hymyileviä ihmisiä, sisätila

Also, I’ve attached below feedback for the ICT showroom.


Minutes of the meeting 26.2

We had our meeting with the Project owners at 10 am at Brinkkala house. We discussed the progress of the project and showed a few demos like how the project is going to look like. We also signed some final contracts and hopefully we have the right ones finally.

We also agreed on sending the historical facts we are going to use in the project to the Project owners so they can send them forward for proofreading after all, they are the experts on History of Turku.

Our project is coming along nicely and next week when we have the ICT showroom on the seventh of March, we’ll get to demo our app to the jury and public. One of the Project owners is also going to visit the showroom and we can discuss and problems or other topics we have then.

Our next proper meeting is going to take place on 26th of March and then there will be other intrested parties present so we have to present our project more ”professionally”, in other words the the meeting will be important. They also asked us to make a ”guide for dummies” so they know how to move forward when we release our final app for them in the middle of April.

Keeping our progress in sight

To keep a hand on our project we decided to use Trello.

There are two boards that have all information about who does what, by what time and why it is important. Hopefully, it will help us with the deadlines. Here are some screenshots of what have already been done.


Group Meeting 15.1.2019, Tasks distribution

We had a group meeting after the morning ICT showroom lecture. We registered to ICT showroom and filled out the basic information and info texts. We are still working on the poster as it needs more work and needs to be well thought-out.

We also divided tasks regarding the project between our group. Everyone got something to do and we are making good progress. We are still waiting on the prototype of the 3D model from Fake Productions though. But it was promised to us in January so we aren’t worried about it.

Going forward our next meeting is going to be on the 25th of January where we will discuss our progress and problems and hopefully by then we will have the prototype of the model.


Group meeting 11.1.2019, Project management

We held a meeting on Friday after the lecture and decided on how we are going forward with the project. On Tuesday 15.1 when everyone of our group is going to be present we are going to distribute the tasks we decided on:

  • UI
  • Audio
  • Historical facts and pictures
  • Model(prototype)
  • AR
  • Website for general information and download link for the app
  • Reduce the graphics for the APP so it works on mobile
  • Research the coordinates for merging the maps on old market square
  • The points for the app where you can click on site
  • Credits
  • Designing a poster for ICT-showroom + ideas
  • Decide on candy and coffee serving for the showroom 🙂

We also sent an email regarding the prototype of the model. We are probably going to start on some basic mockups for the App in the next meeting aswell.

VR meeting with Fake Production 14.12

We held a VR meeting with FAKE productions in Turku Cybernet (cybernet.fi) discussing and going through the 3D model we are going to use in the project. It was a very fun experience and it was very cool to see the 3D model in VR even though we are going to implement the model in a different way.

The meeting was very helpful in visualisation of the model. It was still a work in progress but FAKE productions promised us a prototype of the model by January. We’re not sure what the model is going to look like in the final product, but it should be easy to replace for a newer one if necessary.

As an experience unrelated to the project holding a VR meeting was very fun and I think they could be used more in this kind of situation where it’s very useful to visualise something.

vr meeting

Interim Report


Our design process is shown in the picture above. We are going to decide on our individual tasks when we get the 3D model in January. Our end goal is to have a deliverable product for the City of Turku to use.